Müllspiel (= Garbage Game)

I’ve written my first game with MakeCode. It ist a version of the first game demo I wrote for my own programming language XProfan in the early 90s.

It ist your job to transport the garbage into the garbage bin. But there are stones and trees in the way. You may move the stones, to free the way.

Sorry for my bad English. Feel free to correct me, so i may learn.

Also feel free to create new levels for the game. Today there are only two levels.


Keine Sorge dein Englisch ist gut! But it is better to talk English here and not german! I think there is not many here! Also! Hallo! Schön wieder einen neuen User zu sehen! Hoffe du kommst zurecht! Viel Spaß!



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I just told him that his English was not bad and that it is better to talek English becauser there is not a lot of german speaking people on here! Then I said hello because he is new and I told him to have fun!

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There is a new version of the game:

Now there are 4 levels to play. And you have 3 lives in the beginning. Every time you press “B” to restart a level you will loose one life. If there are no more lives left, the game is over. But every time you finish a level you earn one more life. If you finish the last level and win the game, your remaining lives are added to the score.