Multicam update when?

I REEEEAAALLLY want to know if we are still getting a multicam (each player has their own designated camera) update for makecode online mp. And when we are getting one.


There’s an extension for that!

Use the split-screen extension:
If you don’t know how to add github/non-makecode extensions, just ask!
This extension is great, it supports 4 screens!
I hope this helps!

I believe @CyberPulse is asking about all the players in a multi-player session not being able to see each other’s cameras - they all get their own 160x120 camera in a game instead of a, ex. 80x60 camera that all the other players can see.


just increase the screen size then

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Unfortunately, other players still can see your screen.


Have you heard of this really cool game called Screencheet mate

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It was confirmed I think, but idk when it’s coming exactly