My controls are broken

In the editor simulator, my controls are messed up. The arrow keys work, as well as enter and space for A and B, but when it comes to wasd, only w and a work as intended. When i press s (down), it registers as right and pressing d (right) does nothing. Typing with these keys works perfectly fine and I don’t seem to have this problem anywhere else on my system. I’ve tried clearing cookies, incognito, different browsers, restarting but the problem persists. Anyone else having this problem and is there any clue on how to fix it? Thanks in advance,

- S0m3_random_guy

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Yes I also had that problem with my iPad Keyboard

I have had this problem for only SOME projects. W worked as normal, A worked as normal, but S was mapped to right, and D didn’t do anything.

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[SOLVED in this thread]