Controller button are backwards?

Just wondering. On the simulator the B button is on the left and the A button on the right.
Pictures of the hardware devices have the same: B button is on the left and the A button on the right.

However the keyboard keys are backwards: A button (Q) is on the left and the B button (E) on the right.
This is confirmed in the documentation.


What’s going on here?

Why this matters to me: I’m an elementary and junior high STEM teacher. One of our favorite projects is building controllers using arduino pro micros and cardboard. We code scratch games using a common controls. I’d be so happy to change our keys over to Q and E is we can also add MakeCode Arcade compatibility but I feel like the kids will be confused having the button swapped backwards on the keyboard and their controllers.

Thank you so much! I can’t believe that I didn’t know about this project. When one of my students shared a game he made with me my jaw just hit the floor. We are going to use it a lot.

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hmmm that’s weird… I don’t even read the controls and stuff… Super weird

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have E be the A Button (right side)
and Q be the B button (left side)

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