My first game.. Remastered!

My first game, Time Quest, was a school project I did not too long ago. I wanted to remake it out of pure boredom, and here we are!


Sorry, that link doesn’t work D:

@darkflufyy It looks like your game was taken down by MakeCode’s automated content filtering. It’s possible a string in your code triggered it.


Yeah, I realized a couple minutes after I posted it :sweat_smile: I tried to post another one, but it didn’t get approved and the other link didn’t work either. It had to do with me opening it on my phone to test it out, and it having it open on my computer, causing it to share the same link between two projects. I fixed it, but again, it didn’t approve it.
Hope this works if you still wanna try :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Oh my god. I’m just gonna have to figure this out when I get back to my computer. I’m on my phone right now, and I guess when I get back I can see if it has something to do with the code…

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Okay. This one should ACTUALLY work now.


I got dev mode

Nice! I put that in there so I could test some stuff and I might as well keep it in. How did you like the game?

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Wow, it was worth the wait!
Very good art, great storytelling, and a nice puzzle! I got the pizza ending :slight_smile: I loved this dialogue: