My game Space Escape

This is my game. It would be awesome if it could be in the community games section.
Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 9.51.43 PM

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If you want your game to be on the community games section, it has to be popular

Also, I can’t see a sprite

lol I have been coding for 4 years and haven’t ever gotten a game in community games
And I am the guy who made flying through time and The Phoenix’s Quest
Lets just say it is really hard to do that @hecker

I think I remember someone saying that the featured games are auto-generated from games on the forum marked with #featured-game, although they have to manually update the site to show the new games. (Which I don’t think they have done in a while) A mod usually goes through all the good games on the forum and marks them with the tag.

I might just be hallucinating that at this point though :slight_smile:

That makes sense. Thanks for the heads up. And also Lucas I played Phoenix quest and it was awesome. And if that didn’t make it to the community games then they must have PRETTY high standards. I should probably just do game jam instead. Seems to be a lot easier to at least be featured.

Cool game! Also, is your name a reference to the “Beluga” youtube channel?

Also, yeah, community games doesn’t get like ANY new additions idk why, I guess they just don’t update it.

Usually, the mods will do a whole pass and not check every day, so maybe it will just take a while.

By the way I started making games to get #featured-game so don’t stop coding you
will get there one day

@Kiwiphoenix364 Yes it is a Beluga Reference. At first I did hecker because I just liked the name then I realized that the Beluga character goes by the same name so I just made hecker my profile pic.
And Also Lucas I will keep coding. Eventually I hope to develop a award winning game but that won’t be for a while. :smiley:

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