My New Game(Hyperkill DEMO 1)

Well, I finished making the DEMO a while ago, but never bothered to upload it, so here it is!

keep in mind this isn’t optimized for hardware, because it utilizes the player 2 controls,

p2 left-turn left
p2 right- turn right
p2 up-swap weapon
p2 down-swap weapon
I made all the sprites myself so they don’t look to great.
the b button allows you to use stuff, like opening doors.
I plan on working on this game in the future so be sure to check the comments!

Cool start, is there a way to shoot enemies? I loved the weapon and moving systems but cant pass them without dying :frowning:

Yes, Sorry. I was going through the files and this is an incredibly dated version of the demo, If you want to shoot the enemies you’ll need to use the player 1 A button. Make sure you have ammo though! I plan on updating the Demo Link tonight, at most tomorrow!

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Hello Everyone! I went through the game files and notice that this version of the demo is extremely old and not the demo I wanted to upload, so here is the working link for the demo!
Everyone is free to play it and make mods for the game, and if I enjoy a mod enough, I’ll make it an actual feature for the game! One thing you will notice about this Demo is that it has sound as well as the shotgun functions normally. Please let me know if you are experiencing a bug so we can patch it! Be sure to check back here within this next week as I should be posting Hyperkill Version 1.4 which goes past the demo, it has more enemies,levels, and we’ve already patched long time bugs with new enemy ai systems.

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