My Students Games

We have just nearly finished a unit on Game Design - Some students used Scratch, others used MakeCode Arcade. Sharing here in case anyone wants to have a look - Remember they are between 8 and 10 years old and we had limited time! I know there code isn’t the best but very happy with what they have produced - bugs included! :slight_smile:

I am sure they would love to hear any feedback you have!


My (Totally professional) game review:

Koto Escape from the living banana:
Amazing gameplay, easy to understand, and the splash text in the beginning was beautiful! Reminds me of a game like Pac-man.
Escape the goblin tonpai:
I loved the original artwork! My character appears to be crying the entire time, which is pretty realistic, considering we are running from goblins.
Mouse trap:
Very interesting story, I wonder why the government wants my pet mouse. I love the original artwork, and I think the game might even use an extension! quite advanced.
Creepy! The keyboard-slamming music and very fast duck make it very suspenseful. I wasn’t able to beat it!
Very unique lineless artstyle and I love having a working magic wand!
PAC guy - pit:
I can see the inspiration from Pac-man! - I like the cityscape setting and the terrifying monsters!
Space Night:
Adorable character and interesting jump mechanics! I could only get to score 10
Fun jumping game udon:
The first sidescroller ive seen! To be honest, a little confusing. Is the character a box? are the 'aj’s coins or enemies? where am i going? Who cares, it is fun!
Coding showtime Tamm:
Beautiful art and a very realistic story. I got tricked by the ‘wrong door!’
Maze Enter:
I love the music!! The countdown is very fast though, i’m not a speedrunner! I spent all my time getting coins and forgot to progress hah.

Conclusion: These are all amazing and way better than what I was making at their age! (I was a few years older than them when I made this)