Need a little help with a thing

I have this idea of making it so that a status bar will fill up as long as you hold the B button down, but there’s no option to do that on the button pressed options. Does anyone know of an extension or some other way to do this?
Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 12.01.43 PM

on game update every 100 ms , if b pressed, change by 1

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Nevermind i figured it out thanks!!

Thank you for the tip!! It helped a lot! :heart:

We actually have another way to do this built in; in that button drop down, there’s another option, repeat:


This one repeats the event at a defined interval - by default the behavior is that it waits for .5 seconds after the button is pressed, then repeats every 30ms.

This can be configured with a block from the controller extension:



With this one, you can set the delay (until it first runs) and the interval – for example, if you want it to run immediately and increment the score / count every 30ms, you can do this: