Need help - basic stuff

Hi everyone… I need help with this (I believe it’s a) simple task :slight_smile:
Please, please, please…If you can do this, please help me.

Codes for coding the movement of LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 and the board BBC [http://micro:bit]
1st automation
The vechile starts from point A and follows the black line towards that direction.

2nd automation
The vechile a) stops it’s course when finds an obstacle at it’s way and b) continues when this obstacle no longer exists.

3rd automation
The stable point detects the existence of the nearby vechile and allows the entrance to it while at the same time presents a sign.

A NOTE FOR THIRD AYTOMATION: At the moment when engine activates,the light turns on and it stays open during all the time that the robot-vechile is passing until the door behind him closes.


Code in Makecode(.hex format) which contains code of the [http://BBC:microbit] in order to light the lamp and activate the engine.

Thank you…