Microsoft MakeCode

Need help using the PXT CLI

So I setup the GitHub repo, cloned it to my computer, and setup VS Code. I made a few changes, but realized I couldn’t use the simulator, so I setup GH Pages and ran jekyll locally. My problem now is that the GH Pages simulator is not updating with the actual code, and I think that its not rebuilding properly. I’ve tried pulling the changes back into the MakeCode website, and that is using the new built code. But my local jekyll instance and the GH Pages are using old versions of the code, which is a few commits old.

Whats being annoying right now is that pxt build complains that error: Package not installed: device, did you forget to run pxt install?, and when I run pxt install it says that invalid package device: version not specified for device. I looked at the pxt.json file and it’s declaring these dependencies:

"dependencies": {
        "device": "*",
        "microphone": "*"

microphone appears to install properly with the *, but device evidently does not. Anyone know how to fix this/whats causing the problem? Also to prevent a XY problem scenario, if anyone has another way to run the simulator locally apart from using a jekyll instance, please let me know. Thanks!