New arcade-story extension

Hey folks!

Today I am happy to announce that the story extension (riknoll/arcade-story) has finally graduated into an official package. You can now find it in microsoft/arcade-storytelling and in the default list of extensions in the Arcade editor. It looks like this:

There are also a few changes to the blocks that I’ve made based on using the extension in streams and seeing people use it on the forum:

  1. All of the “Text” and “Movement” blocks now pause until they finish. For text, that means waiting until all of the characters have been printed to the screen. For movement, it means waiting until the sprite reaches the destination
  2. The “queue story part” block has been removed. The overwhelming feedback was that this block was confusing. Instead, there is now a “start cutscene” block that you can place story blocks inside.
  3. Added “set sound enabled” block. This lets you turn off the sounds that play when each character is printed.
  4. Added “is menu open” block. This lets you check if the “show player choices” menu is open or not, which is useful inside of “on button pressed” events.
  5. Added “get last answer” block. This lets you get the last answer chosen by “show player choices” as a string.
  6. Added “set page pause length” block. This lets you configure how long the text blocks pause in between pages of text.
  7. Temporarily removed the “move to tilemap location” block. This one will be coming back, but is temporarily removed while we get the a-star extension officially approved.

Try it out and report any bugs in this thread or on GitHub. Also, please note that this extension is NOT COMPATIBLE with riknoll/arcade-story. You’ll get a ton of errors if you add them both to the same project.

I’ll be showing this extension off on the livestream (hopefully today at 1:00 PM PST on