New hyper the dragon update

for all you people who critique that other post I made to critique the hyper the dragon game your call was heard now I ask to rate this one because yes I am hearing out any criticism your saying and I completely fine if it’s harsh just tell me what’s not good and I will fix it (and yes I’m fixing up the song and making the levels more easier to understand but still have loads of secrets and rewards and multiple pathways and the power ups will be actually implemented once the graphics here are fixed completely

arcade-Super-hyper-the-dragon (7)


Graphics are looking much better! I like the snow texture especially, it adds a nice distinguishable ground to the scene.


I can see much better and now know its 2d (right? Not graphics might be teh way im looking at it ) anyways I like it a lot more!

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@goldtopaz Maybe you could change some of Hyper’s colours (if you’re okay with that), to make him stand out from the environment. Just a suggestion, you don’t have to do it.

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Thank you for fixing the graphics I can look at this game without injuring my eyes now

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little update I got hyper to have this little outline to make him be more distinct from the background so like that’s cool

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better parallax scrolling?!?!?!??!

I might add something like this in the game Sigma Sigma Males GIF - Sigma Sigma Males Alpha Males - Discover & Share GIFs

got some power up and it looks like this

oh, you finally posted some gameplay! you only put images of the game most of the time.