[new video] How To Add Health Bars to Your Game

Hello world!

I’ve filmed another how-to video:

This one is about adding health bars or other status bars to your game! This video is meant to be helpful for any game that wants to add status bars and it uses @jwunderl’s excellent Status Bars extension.

Other videos in this series are here:

Again, feedback and suggestions for future content are welcome! The next three videos in the work around about: increasing the difficulty in your game and adding power ups. Stay tuned!



Did you make the health bar extension right or was it @jwunderl? That’s pretty cool. I think you used it in a game before when you destroyed ships and make you ship bigger right?

Oh! I remember that live stream. It is number 70.

I made that extension :slight_smile: and yeah we do end up using it on stream occasionally to make it easier to display stuff ~


This extension stuff is really complicated. I wish I knew how to make one.