[new video] How to Make a Space Shooter Game

Hello world!

I’m filming a new series of how-to videos for MakeCode Arcade, and the first one on how to create a space shooter is now live!

The guide shows you how to make:

Soon I’m going to add videos for:

  • Adding health and health bars to enemies
  • Increasing the difficulty of your game
  • Adding power ups to your game

The idea is that each of these videos can build upon the space shooter but they should also be applicable to a wide set of other times of games you might be making. Each video in the series will cover one topic and can be viewed independently.

If you have requests for video topics, please let me know!

Other videos in this series are here:


Epic game and series!!
Did you make the How to make a platformer game with the cat or was that @richard?

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Also maybe waves or quiz things with puzzle solving would be great in you videos


Waves is a great idea, thanks!

Puzzle solving is also very interesting because each puzzle can be very different. I’ll see if I can think of a way to show general puzzle solving concepts.

Yup, the Cat Jumper / 2cat2curious series inspired these latest videos.


hi :smiley: eeee

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