Not allowing people to edit the code

How do I make it where people can’t edit the game code when they go to link

Feature request: Make it where we can download a html5 version of game

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This is a little tedious at the moment. You can do it through the github integration which will host a prebuilt version of your game on github pages by making a private repo (it’ll look something like this, and it’s also doable through the mkc command line tool

There was some discussion in Getting rid of the simulator for, and I would describe it as a planned feature in the makecode arcade vs code extension (I filed an issue in the currently private repo for that and assigned myself, just haven’t gotten around to it yet as we’re still fixing more prominent bugs / adding other needed feature) and potentially in MakeCode Arcade itself eventually, just takes a bit more time.


If you asked me, i’d tell you to avoid it alltogether. MakeCode is about sharing and collaboration and i think being able to see and edit others’ code is a key element as it allows for collective work and helps others learn!