Omaze game from Playdate

The game is written looking at the Omaze game for console Playdate by Gregory Kogos.
Omaze is a circular puzzle platformer.
Control by A button, B button to switch to next level.


This is really fun :slight_smile: one thing I noticed was that it looked like some state was getting left over when you restart a level – e.g. when you lose, you keep going in the direction you were going instead of, and the position of e.g. the blue circles that chase you remains the same. Since you start over in an empty room it’s not really any issue, maybe it’s more interesting as it is as it gives you another way to interact with the puzzles - sacrificing a few runs to set up a nice sequence that makes it easier to beat the level later on!

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Version with some impruvemen in levels 6-8


More impruvement.

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I am officially addicted to this game!

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Some bugs fixed + level 11 added

Sorry, I forgot to open new level

  • Sound and level 12