Overlapping problems with Corgio extensions

For help, I am going to use the Corgio extension to make a game level. I expect the puppy to reach the door to end the game, but now the program does not run as expected. Can someone see where I wrote it wrong? thank you very much.

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Hi @mouseart.

I don’t know where you find your “set dog to corgi of kind player” but it’s not the usual block. You have to change to the common block of Corgio. See the picture. Your block have a strange square in the word “Player”.

Also, in javascript, there are a difference with:

I don’t know what means “SpriteKindLegacy”. Somebody know?

SpriteKindLegacy is the old way we used to define sprite kinds. At one point before we went from beta to release we changed it to the current way and so old scripts sometimes have SpriteKindLegacy in them. @jwunderl is the corgio expert!

Hm, yeah, not sure how the legacy kind would end up in the current blocks - was this a particularly old project, or maybe started in a different language (sometimes translations have changed the blocks in this way accidentally)?

What Magma and Richard said will fix it :slight_smile:

@jwunderl @richard @magma I see. Thank you very much for your reply.

@jwunderl we should move corgio out of the main arcade so that we can fix bugs in it. There are also issue in multiplayer. It was a mistake to bundle this one.

In the next iteration for arcade, we should completely migrate it out.

You have to do on sprite kind CORGI overlaps with block game over win

here this will work