Pac man


Nice. But I got scores 100 and Win window didn`t appear.
And some times it kind of stuck in the walls.

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do you mind trying to help with that

Yes and no.
It wasn’t my goal, I just gave you some feedback.
But if allow, here some things I would do in another way.

First of all, you making a lot of manual work by setting points by yourself.

You should use loop instead to do it more automatically.

  1. Make your map like this, delete tiles with black color in place you don’t need dots, cause we will use them for spawn dots.

    Not sure is here 100 points, correct it later. If it will be more then 100 just delete black tile in tilemap anywhere
  2. then you need loop which walk for every black tile and put on them dot
    istead of all commands you made for manual pointing
  3. Since you use tilemap and ghost should be at the road too, probably you should use tile position for them too

All of this could make code more accurate, usefull and make project less size.

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About stucking at wall.
I`m not completely sure, but I guess it’s because your sprites of pac-man directions are not proportional.
Look, I mixed it. After overlapping their has 2 pixels difference from left/right sides (in horizontal sprites) and probably wp/down for verticals.

So you should move it in same place relatively to editor. I try to keep center, it’s easiest way.
Also I stretched it vertically.

And do same for all pac-man’s images

So now if I will overlap them (what means if they switched)

There is no pixel differences.
So I guess we fixed it.
At least I didn’t met stucking more.

Just problems with horisontal corridors

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I sorted the score 100 then win problem

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