Pergamon arcade


WOW that is beautiful! The murals are amazing!!!

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This game works for me on Meowbit ( by Kittenbot ) Arcade console. I usually test these games on Meowbit rather than other hardware because the processor used seems to have more difficulty handling complex code than does processor used in other Arcade hardware…so, good job on this one ! From Wikipedia: , @2ndClemens

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Hey, is there a way to win?



1 . Find the little Nike statue on the middle door in the level left to the start level.
(Nike the goddess not Nike the sneaker ;-))
2. Pick it up
3. Walk back to level 1
4. Climb Athenas statue
5. Put Nike back into Athenas hand

Nike is the goddess of victory
Athena is the goddess of (defensive) war
Athena often holds a little Nike statue in her hand to symbolize that she brings victory:

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