Picking up projectile sprite and then using it

I have a student who’s wants her player in her game to “grab” a weapon that’s in the level, and only once it is overlapped be able to fire the projectile using A button.

I certainly know how to get a projectile to come from the player, but can’t seem to figure out how to get a projectile to activate only once a sprite has been overlapped.

Thanks for the help!

Here I made a little example of this with comments in the code so you can understand what is going on:

hope this helps!

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Very easy to implement.

Do these lines of code:

On SpriteType Player overlap with OtherSpriteType (Gunsprite Type):
- Destroy OtherSpriteType
- Set picked_up_gun variable to true
On Start:
- Set picked_up_gun variable to false
On press A:
- If picked_up_gun variable = true then:
  - Set projectile [image], vx, vy

Let me know if anything goes wrong. I did this from the back of my head.

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Thank you both! That’s very helpful and solved the problem.

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