Pinball Question

I am trying to create this pinball game (hope you like it - A to swing the ‘paddles’) and I have a problem. If someone holds down A, the ball can never go down the hole. Other than that, the game is finished! :video_game:


woah this looks so cool!

and for your problem - hmmmm could you have a variable like “pedal moving” and set it to a number. Then when the ball hits the pedal, in your Player/Bumper overlaps code, you can add another check inside your “up?” code:

  1. if “pedal moving” is greater than zero AND it’s “up?”, you give the ball a vy (like you do now).
  2. If “pedal moving” is zero but it’s “up?”, maybe reduce its vy by a fraction? That way it won’t stop immediately. You might have to tweak this XD

And on update, if pedal moving is greater than zero, subtract one from it. And if A is released, change it to 0.

I haven’t actually tried this out XD maybe this would work? let me know what you think!


I think it’s great! I will definitely try this.

Sadly, it didn’t work. But I still added more features.

New Version -


By the way, hitting the ball against the bumpers (circles) give you one point. If the ball goes through the rhombus at the top (Jackpot) you get 50 points. (Hint - it is easier for the ball to go through the top of the rhombus)

more bumpers!!! yay :smiley: