Pixel Toad

Here is a fun game my son and I worked on together. He was inspired to make a 2D version of Captain Toad. I had my reservations about his design, but he stuck with it and it turned out to be great in the end. Plus we had a fantastic time and he learned a lot about programming and persistence along the way!

Collect all three gems and the gold mushroom from all 4 levels to make it to the 5th and final level.

Things get a little tricky and slippery on the 5th level - an ice world with a little permutation puzzle (inspired from Commander Keen 6) to find the final star and beat the game.

Reply levels if you didn’t collect all the level items and continue the game when you lose all 3 of your lives.

The lantern and shader projects were used and we reused sprites from another MakeCode project and a sprite library. We did not draw these on our own!


You have put so much effort into this game, from the hints to finding the gems, animating the player and enemies, and you have used many popular extensions. The fact that you can restart a level or continue the game from where you failed, is an also an exception to most games; you have programmed it so well and made it look so simple. This is superb!