Pizzas, Pirates & Ninjas

A Little game I made about some of my favourite things…


I love this one! It’s deceptively challenging. That speedy ninja got me every time! Nice work, @teachcreamer. Welcome to the community!

Thanks Alex! Maybe you can help, i want to make the ninjas fly from different corners of the screen. How would I go about doing this?

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Sure! From the docs:

“The sprite starts at the screen coordinate of (0, 0) unless you tell it to come from another sprite.”

I would pick a random number, then, from 1 to 4 to represent one of the four corners of the screen. Set the coordinates of the projectile based on the random number that is chosen.

You may need to restructure your logic a bit. Try something like this:


I only filled in two of the corners. You’ll need to adjust the x, y, vx, and vy when adding the other two corners.

@devs: Is there a way to have Markdown render blocks dynamically here in the forums?

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You can do the embed from the share view, not sure how well it will work on here though (and I just noticed the just code version seems to now be broken too… will look into that)

Right click -> snapshot in the workspace will generate a png of the blocks with a clear background for you though

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Been meaning to ask you this, too, Joey: What do you use to create those animated GIFs? Pictures are worth 1,000 words … moving pictures are worth so much more!

I use gifox on my mac, as it was the easiest to use one I could find when I started needing to make gifs to respond to students on my class forum, but screentogif is what I’ve heard is good for windows. If I need to edit a gif (compress, shorten, etc) I just use, as it does a good job at most things and the compression algorithm (gifsicle) it implements is real nice / one I used on the command line before I found the site.

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Alex, this is awesome. Thank you for tightening up my code. Here is the version 2:

My next challenge is to add boundaries to stop the pirate going of screen.

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Nice! Just so you know, this block will keep the pirate inside the screen if you set it to refer to the pirate and turn it on:

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Oh that’s easy! I spent an hour last night creating a tile map to keep the pirate in with no success!

Thanks for your help everyone! Here is is version 3!

I made it 10 levels with increasing difficulty and made a new ninja.


nice topic to discuss and im learning to create a program by the end of this year hopefully ill be working for something like this …

@teachcreamer make sure to update the first post with the latest version. this is what the makecode editor picks up in the home screen.


New Version!

Don’t hesitate to update your top comment. It’s the one we pick when we showcase the game in the editor.

There is no ‘pencil’ option available for me to press to edit the post… Is there something i’m missing?

After clicking the …, do you see the pencil? image

No, I don’t…strange. I can in my other recent posts this evening.