Plants Vs Zombies


Oh no! You have a problem. The block call animate needs to be on the bottom of the **on start block.

put the “animate” fonction after creating the sprites

I need help with making it playable.

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Can someone help with the plants seeing the zombies to shoot them?

You can use the arcade-sprite-util extension and use the thing that detects if a sprite is a certain distance in pixels from another sprite. Hopefully this helps ^.^

Just music

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When you guys click the link, do you see the game, or just a white screen?

the zombie vs plant in makecode very interesting

OK only got the shooting to work but it doesn’t hurt.

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Hp needs to be made and work

i also made a plants vs zombies game

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That is Very good but laggy, But if you want to help contribute to this one that would be nice.