Platform Issues

Hello All,

My students are finishing up their platformers based on Mario. We have encountered some very strange issues.

  1. Often, when a game is started, Mario mysteriously floats upwards without a single button being pressed. Usually right after loading the game. Sometimes, after a few minutes of being loaded, restarting the game with the refresh button, things calm down and it doesn’t occur again. Is it possible arcade is struggling to load the game and start it and spinning up CPU resulting in weird behavior?

  2. When Mario is not moving, just sitting idle, he makes little hops without any user interaction!?

Trying to gain better insights into arcade. My students build games and submit them for competition. We are worried about using arcade for some of these inexplicable behaviors. Could very well be a programming error on our part, but I have tried multiple ways to isolate the issue to code with little luck. The only association is as the code base gets larger, lags in performance cause these interesting behaviors.

Appreciate any insights.

These both sound like the same bug - there was an issue in the game engine when there was lots of lag (e.g. due to making edits to code and rebuilding game) with a high acceleration set on sprites. I’m not able to reproduce the first issue immediately on my device but it matches the behavior.

Anyway I fixed that issue and so it should work correctly in the next release, here’s a link you can test that with if you would like (I would suggest opening the link in a private browsing tab or a different web browser to avoid going back and forth in versions of the editor. And one extra reminder that beta is just for testing / don’t stay there for any project you want to keep)

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Thank you, I will try this. We did see improvement when we reduced the number of sprites with acceleration > 0.

The beta version does seem to fix it! Thanks. Any estimated release date? The asset manager looks very cool.

It would be really nice if the menu settings would stay on between game restarts. It would be great to see FPS the moment the game starts and not have to go through the menu steps again and again.

Thanks as always for the help and insights.

I tend to shy away from giving solid release dates for things like this as a rule, but I’m happy to give hints!

Having settings persist is definitely an interesting idea – I know we’ve talked about it before for at least sound and brightness but I don’t think we ever implemented it (Also have to be careful to make sure that while we respect the settings they don’t make the device hard / impossible to use – e.g. if you set brightness to something really low it could make it hard to get through the menu and fix it!)

I filed a feature request for that though to make sure it gets tracked for future releases:


When I worked in software, we always promised an exact date and exact functionality and never ever missed :wink:

My thought on the settings was just to persist during the current browser session so they would persist between game restarts. Once I close the browser, they would be tossed.

Thanks Again

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