Please help!

I have no ideas for a game!!! help!!!

One game I made was called Immortal Curse. It was one where you are stuck in a maze forever and there is no end. When you finish you get sent back to the start. I have always enjoyed making mazes with tilemaps and being able to explore extensions. So maybe you could try one.

A game where all the levels are made out of a loop.

I don’t really like looped games, I want it to have an end. :neutral_face:

what about a platformer? you can visit my platformer game, it’s called 5 level platformer.

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I like that idea! Thanks!!! :smile:

by the way, I just tried your platformer and I rate it 4/5 :star:s. These are the things that make it that way that I’ve found:

  • you jump too high
  • you start from the beginning when you die (not the level you were on)

otherwise, it is pretty good :smiley:

thank you