Please helpppppp

Hello all,

I am working on this project and I saw an example of one just like it. I need someone to make this block code to where there are levels. If you do it I will ensure that you are credited and recommend you to others, thanks! :smiley:

any help would be amazing.

this is what I got going, i don’t know what i am really doing though.

sorry i couldnt

You’ve put the levelstart function inside a game update loop. That means the function is called every game frame (60 times a second). You have also put it inside an overlap which would mean you change level when you crash into an enemy.

You want to call that function once at the end of each level. You need to decide what should trigger that levelstart function call. It could be that you destroy a certain number of enemies, or you beat a specific boss enemy that spawns after a certain amount of time played.