Pluckmin / pikmin fangame

I have noticed that no one has a made a pikmin fangame in here yet, or a recreation so im here to do just that. I have been using Makecode Arcade for at least 3 years and I think I have enough experience to make a pikmin-like game. It will be placed instantly after Pikmin 4’s ending and will have new enemies and other things. Right now you can throw pikmin with “A” and whistle them back with “B”. There are supposed to be 3 blue pikmin following you as a test to see if they work but only 1 follows you so I need help to fix that too.


:eyes: maybe interesting

If you have time we should be continuing this at 1pm PST today (2 hrs 55minutes from this post) at


(But also super interested in seeing what you make! We have some things we’ve put off doing / focusing on a pretty simple gameplay loop, so always interesting to see where different people focus their efforts in cases like this!)