Plz help me make a fall guys type game

can anyone plz help me make a fall guys type game

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Have you started? Do you have anything to show? We can all definitely help but we don’t write code for people!

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Fall Guys is normally 3D. Do you have thoughts how this would play in 2D?

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Hello! I made a prototype!

Right now there is only one map! I will make more but the concept works!


I think it would be better in bird’s eye view.
@darzu @DahbixLP @codelegend

Well yes but actually no… how are you supposed to jump… and all of that… there is no walls that stand out so that you know thats a wall/obstacle… and more

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Z depth to jump, and colors to stand out kinds of walls

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Z depth won’t work. You would need to enlarge and shrink the image of the players when they jump.

I know, but I mean for collisions at least.

Maybe you can take inspiration (not copy!!!) from @Lucas_M:

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No matter the Z index, sprites will still collide.

Yea but … I think my game is fine!

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I mean for it to detect for depth as a number, not depending on collisions

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Ty so much im not that good of a coder in a coding club though

Here is the three brave cats season of my game. it was made after I made three brave cats. hopefully you can get inspired.

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i have played it before and i love it