Pokemon Red/Blue in Makecode

Some of my summer school students like Pokemon, so I made this demo to show them how a game like Pokemon could be made with Makecode. It’s far from perfect, so any suggestions or critiques are welcome. Four questions:

Does anyone know of an extension that could help with keeping track of HP in between battles?

The fight with Gary is activated when the player crosses a sprite that blends into the ground. Does anyone know how to make a variable change when the player crosses a certain y or x coordinate? I feel like that would be a better way to activate battles.

Can walls only be added to sprite maps? Can invisible walls be added to background images?


Answers in order:

  1. Both the status-bars and arcade-sprite-data extensions are useful for this. You can attach them to the pokemon sprites and then set the sprites to be invisible in between battles

  2. You can hide the trigger sprite by using the sprite flag block (the one that says “set auto-destroy on”). We have an “invisible” flag that hides the sprites but still lets overlap events happen. Personally, I like using overlap events for event triggers, but if you want to use the player position instead the easiest way is to check it inside an “on game update” event

  3. Yes, walls only work with tilemaps. However, you can add walls to transparent tiles and achieve a similar effect. The background image will show through any blank tiles. If you do this, I recommend making the tilemap the same size as the screen (10x8). If you want more precision, you can use the riknoll/small-tilemaps extension to create a tilemap with 8x8 tiles instead of 16x16

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Also, check out sucromon

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Well done

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Cool! Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!

Very well done with the art and animations! Best of luck for your students!

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Thanks! I really appreciate that!

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