Porto type

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Great art style and great attention to detail but I feel like the red orbs in the level could be used as a point system maybe? Otherwise good game and look forward to new levels!

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  • do you want to help with animation
  • do you want to help with art
  • do you want to help with code
  • do you want to help with supporting

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when you vote tell me what you vote it for

Code n art

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can you put code in the game so i can add more levels and you can if you want you can make more shadow bad guys.maybe we can make it like 10 levels in each world in other worlds cole look like a character in the world.you can look at my thing thats name my idea.just type it in and look for it i found it when i type it in.so i know you can to.@Agent_14

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school is ending so i will not be able to get on makecode in till maybe next year im sorry

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Just remember to get back on

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