Premium Life and Multiplayer compatibility

@jwunderl Is the premium life extension compatible with multiplayer blocks? When I tried to use it the multiplayer life was a seperate icon that went over the premium life icon. Am I missing something or is there nothing for multiplayer?

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I think that might be something that wasn’t thought of

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Ah, yeah, this was something I made in one afternoon to help make a single skillmap easier, and I haven’t updated it since then (besides maybe a few follow up minor requests a day or two after); I can try and find some time to update it to support multiplayer too, but can’t promise an exact time.

There’s also just not a lot of code to it, you can see pretty much all of it here

so if you’re interested might be easiest / quickest to start to just fork the repo and update as needed, or put it in a separate file in your project and customize it as needed.