Presenting: Coin Race Game

This is my first Makecode Arcade game called Coin Race
( with 32x32 tiles on tile map )

Here are some screnshots:

image image image

You must collect all coins before time ends, each level is configurable ( road, coins to collect and time )

The game is still in its first version with only 3 Levels, and i need to improve the code and make some refactoring, and place some oil stains on road

I’ve tested it with the hardware Meowbit ( it’s the only one i own ) and it works very fluid.

What is your opinion ? :stuck_out_tongue:


I like this a lot! I was trying to think of cases for using 32x32 tiles when I added them in, as they generally seem a bit big, but here they make a lot of sense!


OK, this is ridiculously fun! I’m terrible at it, but it’s super fun! Nice work!

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Here’s Xandria playing the game Coin Race on a GHI BrainPad Arcade console: great fun !

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Thank you for testing.

I’ve updated it to v1.2 with new levels and now the firsts levels are more easy to pass