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Presenting: Concentration

I mentioned in a previous thread that I was writing a game in the style of a Memory card game. Well, here it is! I offer to you: Concentration.

Use the following URL to import the code into MakeCode Arcade:

This one should be fun to customize with your own images and configuration. The game is pretty challenging as presented, with 12 pairs of cards to be found in 75 seconds. Alter the NUM_PAIRS, NUM_SECONDS, NUM_ROWS, and NUM_COLS “constants” to your liking. The game does some error checking to make sure that your grid is big enough to accommodate the size of your deck of cards.

This one was built with Blocks. It uses my new Grid extension, which will get its own post in a few minutes. :slight_smile: This one also works just fine on my BrainPad Arcade.

I’m including a link to the MakeCode Arcade page on my personal web site, which lists all of the games and extensions that I’ve published. I’ll be going back to my previous posts and adding this same signature.

Happy Friday! Have fun!

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Create a release on this repo to get a full screen app!

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Thanks, Peli! I just published a new release to get the updated GitHub Pages. I love this! Such a nice way to publish games from this platform.

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Snap, the release workflow failed. Could you try to run it again?

All set, Peli. Thanks for the heads up!