Presenting: Mini Galaga

My first attempt at a game with MakeCode. Hope it’s ok to implement a classic arcade game.


wow! good game!

It looks just like Galaga. The game is a lot of fun. It’s either we need bigger screens or smaller sprites



This is really fun!

I like your rendition of Galaga and the graphics are great. Did you make them yourself?
If you don’t mind, I might just borrow your sprites and make my own version of the game.

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Sorry for the late response. Yes, I made them myself. I looked up what they originally looked like and made them in the makecode editor. Feel free to borrow them and make your own version of the game!

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I like the drawings and all the types of positions you made with it as well


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This is great, but I think you need smaller sprites

With the pxt-scaling extension, it’s now easy to achieve that.