Presenting Spacewar!


This week, we go all the way back to 1962 and to the first widely-distributed video game. This week, I present: Spacewar!

Spacewar! is a PvP game, so you’ll want to play with a friend. Avoid the central gravity well while firing torpedoes at your opponent. Shots that land on a ship score points; the game ends if a ship is destroyed by the gravity well or if the two ships collide.

If you want a solo game, check out my post from a few weeks back for my rendition of one of Spacewar!'s spiritual successors, Asteroids.

I will be submitting this game for consideration in the user gallery.

Have fun! Happy Friday!


This game is now featured on the homepage, in the Community carousel! (It was just added, so you might have to refresh / open a new private browser window to skip the cache)

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Thanks much, @jwunderl! Joey was a great help, as he offered some excellent suggestions to improve the gameplay (since the community version did not need to stick to being a “clone”). He earned a well-deserved mention in the credits as a collaborator, and he has given me an excellent thought experiment that I’ll document another time.

You may notice some strangeness to the TypeScript code, and those of you who work with this platform can probably figure out why: The game will load in your editor in JavaScript mode, but it was actually designed in Blocks.

If you’d like to see SpaceFight! with its original, Blocks mode, head this way: