Preview: ROLL!

This is a preview of a game I am making:

ROLL! is a remake of the Steam game “Roll” that is an idle-clicker strategy/optimization game with a goal to get as many pips as you can with 3000 rolls. At first, you may think it’s all just luck, right?

You would be wrong. Gain more die to add to your rolling arsenal - upgrade your dice to increase the number of pips you get when you land on them. Buy global upgrades to boost all dice, and replace die faces with unique faces for even more bonuses! But these upgrades cost pips themselves.

You get 3000 rolls. How many pips can you get?


  • 1 global upgrade is available
  • 1 face upgrade is available
  • No save mechanic (if the console restarts, all progress is lost)

Please note, that in the final release, upgrades, mechanics, and prices may change for balancing reasons.

No estimated release date yet. :slight_smile:


Great game looking forward to seeing it done.

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I guess you can call these “teasers.” :slight_smile:


Working on lots and lots of upgrades right now!

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Can’t wait to see the full game!!


Made any progress on the update???

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Not much, it’s on the back burner as usual! :laughing:

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This would have been a great submission for the GMTK 2022 Game Jam!

Hahaha, the concept is pretty nice, but it’s a preview of a recreation from someone who already made this game before.