Pro os beta 2.1

This is the BETA version of the PRO operating system so there are bugs and apps that do not work yet but the concept is still there. The public release will be in fall. Thank You

PS. @E-EnerG-Gamecentral can you invite me to one of you OS projects pls. I am one of the best GUI devs. :grinning:


I love all the detail! I liked changing the background and you even remade cookie clicker! :cookie: And how did you make the second simulator in the texting app?! :exploding_head:

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Thank You. This is just a beta demo.

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My Favorite Feature is the Texting! How’d You Code The Dual Screen?!

Very Nice! Like A Portable PC! Cant wait for the Fall now!

When you use the radio extension, the first time a radio extension block is run in the program a second simulator running the same code will pop up.


@UnsignedArduino Thanks!

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Could have not said it better. :+1:

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