Pro os beta 2.1

This is the BETA version of the PRO operating system so there are bugs and apps that do not work yet but the concept is still there. The public release will be in fall. Thank You

PS. @E-EnerG-Gamecentral can you invite me to one of you OS projects pls. I am one of the best GUI devs. :grinning:


I love all the detail! I liked changing the background and you even remade cookie clicker! :cookie: And how did you make the second simulator in the texting app?! :exploding_head:

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Thank You. This is just a beta demo.

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My Favorite Feature is the Texting! How’d You Code The Dual Screen?!

Very Nice! Like A Portable PC! Cant wait for the Fall now!

When you use the radio extension, the first time a radio extension block is run in the program a second simulator running the same code will pop up.


@UnsignedArduino Thanks!

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Could have not said it better. :+1:

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This looks really cool!
I haven’t really been working on anything.
I have had some trouble getting the networking function of Red-Script to work. Maybe you can help with that? @OS-Maker can Help out too, but I am sort of busy at the moment.

It hasn’t been worked on in a REALLY long time. I worked on part of this recently, though. I think it’s somewhere in github. There are also some other Operating Systems floating around within the Makecode Forums, such as WindOS, ArcadeOS, and Juno Kernel (I haven’t followed Juno Kernel’s development*, these three are the ones that pop-up when I look up Operating Systems that weren’t made by my account.)
I saw your screenshots on the other post, and I was really interested in what was shown. The taskbar at the bottom reminds me of the macOS dock :thinking:

Ah… this wallpaper brings back memories :slight_smile: I remember making this for Cboy Azure back in August of 2021.

(This was the image I scrapped together in Paint3D before importing it to makecode using an extension.)

Also, I noticed some things with your code that could be able to be fixed in the next versions.
First one’s with the store (as most will be relating to that in particular.)
I can only download Cookie Clicker, however, I think that the other apps do have functionality. They just need the download button.
Then there’s cookie clicker. After I close the app, I still get cookies flying around my screen whenever I click something.
Lastly, The User Profile. I understand what’s happening with the code, but you didn’t really implement it right. Instead of asking for your username once, it asks you for it every time you start up the system. I think you can fix that by adding an if setting with name (User) exists. If this is false, run the code. Otherwise, Don’t run anything.

Bro your an OS GOD