Project Cuboid

Project Cuboid is a game set on the fictional planet of Geometrium, where you play as a delivery agent who must deliver a device that has the power to “prevent a catastrophe”. This road leads you back to your childhood homeplace - Blockland. With no precise indication on where to go, you must travel the treacherous maze-like territory and make the delivery. Will you succeed?

This is a game made by my friend and I for our end-of-year coding project. We came up with an idea of a dialogue/story-based game where engaging gameplay is not the primary focus, but instead, delivering a story. It is not a game for all, and many might find it uninteresting, but if you stick around, the story might just leave you satisfied.

(Before you ask, yes, the name is a reference to Project Zomboid, which is one of my favourite games, but that’s about as much as the games have in common. This is a completely different experience).

The Official Project Cuboid Wiki:

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this is awsome