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Hi, welcome to Quantum Games, we strive to deliver good quality games that are fun. some games are strategy games, and others are art games, and some are downright prototypes. We strongly encourage people to report bugs and to suggest ideas for games. We hope that you have a good day!


Hello @Quantum_Games, welcome to the Makecode forums! There are a few things to know when exploring the forums.
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Arcade, micro : bit, and Live have mini categories, which make the topic more specific.
Make sure to listen to feedback, forum users have great ideas! Make sure to explore other topics to get some inspiration.

I guess that’s all- enjoy the forums @Quantum_games!


Hi @Quantum_games!
What @E-EnerG-Gamecentral said, just stopped by to say hey and to enjoy your time here! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi, We will like to introduce our first game, artlabs! This is a game with no goal, and it is for creativity’s sake. this includes full color, and variable brush size. Before you think that this is bogus, this is still in beta, and is nowhere finished. we are thinking to add layers, saving, art exchange, and a tutorial. and we have not competed half of our list. And if you see any bugs, please let us know, we hope that you have a nice day!

Link To Game:



nice work!

This is a really good game :grinning: I like it a lot- its really good!

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Thank you!

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very cool :slight_smile:

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look what i drawed:

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wow! I am a very bad artist.

@Quantum_games amazing game! I’m not the best at art but this could become my go-to Arcade Paint remake! If you wouldn’t mind, I have a suggestion to make- to make the editor better, how about adding a shape drawer (like drag and draw the shape).

Again, well done on this game! :+1:


I am Working on this now, thank you for the suggestion.


No problem!

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Hi, I am working on the update, and I am stuck. Can you send me a sketch of what you are thinking? Also, Thank you for the idea, I was stuck on what to do for the next update. I am working on a save/load feature, and transferring images across a JACDAC protocol. Thanks!


Are you using settings? They help whenever I need help saving passwords, PINs, Background Wallpapers, and I think it could be useful

Speaking of, something I think would be extra would be a gallery of all save images, and a save button (so you don’t overwrite the image automatically. Also a line, box, circle, and fill tool would be useful
Also, there needs to be more room between the arrows.

Otherwise the game is good! :slight_smile:

Yes, I am using settings. But I am having trouble with saving drawings :thinking: Do you have any ideas of how to save drawings? I was thinking of hexadecimal converting technique, but is not going well. Thanks in advance!

You know, I’m not really sure… I save the Backgrounds using IDs (numbers) and using the ID, it figures out what background to use.
I have never really done something like that, maybe you could ask for help…
I think you COULD do an array of pixel colors as a setting, but I am not sure it would work. Try it and see if it does work

I’ll try to make a drawing by tomorrow @Quantum_games !

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Also, you can draw on the canvas during the play screen.