Questions about exstentions

hello im new to this

I have questions about exstentions like how to use them, how to get them, et. cetera.

Thank you tocsix


Here’s a video you can watch that shows how to use the settings extension

in case you don’t have time to watch the video / don’t want to, though:

You can get extensions but clicking on Extensions in the toolbox; it’s hidden behind the advanced category. When you’re there, you’ll get a bunch of cards for each of the approved extensions. Just click on one and it will add it to the project. These will usually add new categories in the toolbox, but if not they may just add new blocks into existing categories (like the sprite data extension), or possibly just add features in javascript

Besides that, you can also find extensions that have been made but not approved yet by searching for them in the searchbar; usually if you see an extension posted here someone will post a link to the github page it’s stored at, so you can just copy and paste that and it should show up.