Microsoft MakeCode


Keep up your racquetball skills while you’re away from the gym!
Have fun, avoid tennis elbow, and beat your previous high score. :smile:


Wow, this is fantastic! Great job! And all in blocks!

LOVE the graphics. Real old-school Atari 2600 vibe

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Thanks! It was a blast to make! This is such a great platform!

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This is stunning! Your physics engine is incredible. Creating the illusion of three dimensions on such a small screen is no small feat, and to do it so well is really impressive.

As soon as I started playing your game, I was transported back to college. I could picture myself running back and forth in the backcourt while a faculty member was standing at mid-court, easily returning everything I could hurl at him. I swear he never moved, while I ran around like a lunatic.



So cool I love it! :heart: