Raed Platformer (Made By Me)(Not Bork)

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Is bork. :frowning:
At this rate I’m starting to think this is a prank. :joy:


But Why

the page does not exists


How to test the link before editing it


Before making a new post about it, just try the link and if the simulator loads then it works.

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Working on Raed 1 Just like Sonic 1

Then Raed 2

For Raed 3

Zone 1: Angel Island
Zone 2: Hydrocity
Zone 3: Marble Garden
Zone 4: Carnival Nights
Zone 5: IceCap
Zone 6: Launch Base
Zone 7: Mushroom Hills
Zone 8: Flying Battery
Zone 9: Sandopolis
Zone 10: Lava Reef
Zone 11: Hidden Palace
Zone 12: Sky Sanctuary
Zone 13: Death Ball
Hidden Zone: The Doomsday

Special Stages

Raed 1: Maze
Raed 2: Coin Collector
Raed CD: UFO Destroying
Raed 3: Collect Blue Spheres

Don’t Touch The Goal
Get Enough Coins
Break All UFO’S Before Time’s Up
Don’t Touch The Red Spheres

Getting 7 Chaos Emeralds

Or Getting 7 Chaos Emeralds & Super Emerald

To Unlock The Hidden Zone

just wondering have you finished this game?

and is raed just basically sonic ? (not trying to be rude)