Ragdoll challenge 1

No one has talked about this and i know that a lot of people like ragdolls so who ever can complete the challenge first wins

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You know this would involve multiple sprites as one, the calculations need to be depended on. There also needs to be multiple rotation sprites.

I know it will need more than one sprite but it is easy to make two arms
And legs then a head and it will make the games better then they already are

i mentioned this in Map Making Help as you can easily create your own physics sim for the parts eg.
force (0,-1,0)
force for each other object relative to direction (0,0,-(mysize+othersize)/d) (rounded down if below 1 or similar)
attractive force to connected bodies relative to direction (0,0,(d-(connectionlength))/strength)
random force (±0.01,±0.01,±0.01) (stops things stacking up)

Then just draw some lines and do a projection if you want it in 3d.