Random seed

Inspired by @shakao’s awesome city skyline generator, I started playing around with a procedurally generated art project of my own.

As I’m writing it, I’m finding I want to be able to seed the random number generator with a specific value. Doing so would a) let me see a consistent result as I develop and b) let specific outcomes be more sharable if the seed was known…

I know JS’s Math.random doesn’t expose any seeded random support (yet… Stage 1 proposal), but I figured it’s possible you’ve already written your own random implementation anyway…

Is it technically possible today to seed the random number generator with a specific value? Do you think adding a block to support that would be useful?

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https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-common-packages/pull/465 fastrandom has that (though I believe at this point the class name is incredibly misleading, as it’s likely slower now than Math.random …) - I believe it’s still used in particle effects, but I may have switched them at some point. Worth noting it’s got a range of 0x0000 to 0xffff, if thats a deal breaker

I feel like I might’ve seen a PR re: adding the ability to seed random at some point but I’m not sure - it would probably have been mmoskal and would have been in pxt and/or pxt-common-packages (I’m on my phone, can look for it later).

If you want it for actually seeding things, you probably want the object oriented approach anyway - to keep things mostly consistent (avoid timing issues or things of the sort causing different behavior) you would likely need a different seeded random for each event / sprite / anything of the sort.

You might be thinking of this https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-common-packages/pull/908 which didn’t get merged in.

It definitely feels useful to me, for both reasons you mentioned as well as in an classroom context where a teacher might want to sync their students to the same result. I think it’s at least worth submitting an issue for, to keep it on the radar when we get back to Arcade features!


it’s at least worth submitting an issue for

Will do