Raptor Run - Microsoft MakeCode

I like it and it’s graphics/animations

What if you increase speed for example every 250 points :crazy_face: ?

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That’s a great idea! Thanks!


Though for some reason vx seems to top at -153.


Wow! more addictive now

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The velocity thresholds are a current limitation of the physics engine. Devs are working on alternate implementations, though. See Why is the speed up to 153 floating point numbers? and https://github.com/microsoft/pxt-arcade/issues/1057.


Thanks, @AlexK! I was raking my brain to see if it was something in the code :sweat_smile:

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can you add a night time section?

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That’s a cool idea!

This game was a massive hit with nephews. Local best score was 3800!


cool game

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Hi @Adri314! I´m a teacher too and my students wants to know when you create the Raptor Run and the Jumpy Mateo Platformer. It’s just for a simple school work about arcade games. Thanks for the help!

Hi! I created them last Spring, when MakeCode Arcade was still in Beta.

@Adri314 could you refresh the url on the first post with a screenshot or gif? We’re automating the extraction of game images from the screenshot.

Like this?

I can’t seem to be able to edit the first post. Thanks!

Don’t know how to make it so you can edit, but I updated it with the link for you~


We have restriction on editing old posts… I’ll have to be smarter about this.

isn’t this kind of a rip off of t-rex run?

I like to think that it is more of an homage or tribute :slightly_smiling_face:


I liked the game a lot I even played your warehouse game it was cool to
maybe you can you add some levels if they are not there ( do not because I keep on ding in the game at the start) and maybe some color options for the the dino

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my score is 2779!!!