T-Rex Run - Microsoft MakeCode

Hi! I judt did a basic clone of the Chrome game. Enjoy!

Edited to add changing speed and to adapt to new physics



This is great!

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Thank you! This means a lot coming from you. I am a big fan of yours! :smile:

It’s my pick for MakeCode Game of the Week!

I know you’ve got updates for the Raptor Run, but T-rex is just too cute to ignore : ]


Hi, John!

Wow, this made my day! I love your videos and tutorials. I run a coding club in a school in rural Maine and your work is an invaluable resource. And thanks for pronouncing my name right!

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Right on! That’s awesome, thanks for letting me know.

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Thanks for sharing. I added the pterodactyl and some sounds to make it more interactive.
T-Rex Run - Pterodactyl