Raycasting 3D render -- Blocks Edition

A student of mine built a game off of this, and we’re trying to download it as a .elf file. Unfortunately, it keeps saying, “The Hex file is not available. Please connect to the internet.” I can assure you, we’re connect to the internet :slight_smile:

Any idea what may be going wrong? Link to game is: https://arcade.makecode.com/S86561-30939-69458-07956

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Just in case anybody else comes here and sees this, I think I got it figured it out. Turns out it had nothing to do with the Raycasting extension. It was actually the “Mouse” extension (that wasn’t even being used in the game). Once I removed that, it was able to be downloaded.

I am a student myself in 8th grade but I can assure you that its either makecode arcade or something but currently I’m dealing with the same issue so at least ur not alone

to be honest now that i got a little bit of coding experience with c# I think this game I made here is not high enough of quality but ill take suggestion if I’m not lazy to make a remastered version

Hi, I tested to output your project as elf, and got fail too.
But with my demo project, it works. For example:

(And successed after update it to the newest v0.3.15)

So I have no idea why this happened. May @jwunderl can give us some hint or redirect this issue to the right person.
The only suggestion I can provide is: make a backup first, then remove other extensions one by one, and test output elf file to find out which part got this error.
Hope it can help.

FLOOR and BACKGROUND :slight_smile:
Background is ready for device, floor only for simulator or raspberry pi, great for making racing games.
I have lots of crazy ideas where this can go, I think that simple Minecraft style is possible to achieve :slight_smile:
I only dont know how to combine your work with mine, I tried to make extension, that would use your extension (using “extend”), but you have to many private variables

HOW TO USE - right now open this project and start from scratch, make sure to set walls as “walls”


A little off topic but @AqeeAqee has the biggest brain for making raycasting


In case it helps, I got a floor texture working with reasonable performance on hardware as part of the MakeCode Kart project. @Kiwiphoenix364 has extended this to work with tilemaps, see for example MakeCode Kart - #271 by Kiwiphoenix364 .

It may need a two-step render pass to integrate this since efficient rendering of the floor texture required drawing horizontal lines (with constant Z distance), while I think the raycasting renderer prefers drawing vertical columns.


I did figure it out. Turned out to be a different extension. The “Mouse” extension is incompatible with Pi compilations. Deleted that extension and everything worked!

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can someone improve this to make it into a acing game template for me please with as little code as posssible

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I updated my code to 14 bit floating point, and optimized to draw only where are no walls.
and boom! 9fps in open space, 12fps in corridors on MeowBit! (but with fixed floor texture)
There is little shaking on the floor - need to look for float precission
(also disabled scrolling background for better implementation)


i seem to cant put my sprite in me view (by that i mean i cant do a fps with sprites)

could you make a block to make the friction ice like speed in raycasting please

also theres some bug in the floor tile version when sometimes you can just walk through walls and all sprites and background and walls are gone and its completely flat wierd thing

Sorry I didn’t get your question. Would you pls descript it more detail?

like this i cant make the hand holding the gun

can someone improve this with driving physics

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Really cool! Though it can’t run on device.
I cant guess this made with raycasting ext., if you didn’t mentioned before.

I suppose this is a start of a new era cause now that we are in the early stage of floor layering i think we could soon make a pretty realistic zombie apocalypse game

also speaking can anybody make a in depth lantern that uses both block form and JavaScript form?

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When I get one my computer I will see if I can make it into an extension.
(I probably won’t)