Raycasting 3D render -- Blocks Edition

I have tried using that flag and it did not work

@CuteMrMerp & @AqeeAqee, I was having the same issue with the extension. I figure there must be an issue with the latest build of the extension. I loaded 3.13 onto my project, and UI was working just fine.

Someone else referred to the same issue in your repo, I have a more in-depth solution there.

Try putting the z(depth) to a high level (Idk what the z layer of the raycasting screen is though)

Hi !

Thanks @CuteMrMerp for report this issue, and thanks @Unique for the hint for debuging. And thanks @CyberPulse and @Kiwiphoenix364 kindly helping.
This should come from the “fake screen” for supporting particle effects.
I will debug and try to fix it ASAP recent, maybe in a week.


Hi @CuteMrMerp and @Unique
This issue has been fixed in new release v0.3.15.
Have a try and let me know the result pls.

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It does work!
Thank you so much!