Raycasting 3D render -- Blocks Edition

I have tried using that flag and it did not work

@CuteMrMerp & @AqeeAqee, I was having the same issue with the extension. I figure there must be an issue with the latest build of the extension. I loaded 3.13 onto my project, and UI was working just fine.

Someone else referred to the same issue in your repo, I have a more in-depth solution there.

Try putting the z(depth) to a high level (Idk what the z layer of the raycasting screen is though)

Hi !

Thanks @CuteMrMerp for report this issue, and thanks @Unique for the hint for debuging. And thanks @CyberPulse and @Kiwiphoenix364 kindly helping.
This should come from the “fake screen” for supporting particle effects.
I will debug and try to fix it ASAP recent, maybe in a week.


Hi @CuteMrMerp and @Unique
This issue has been fixed in new release v0.3.15.
Have a try and let me know the result pls.

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It does work!
Thank you so much!



Wow, I didn’t know the extension could create such a realistic gun game!


Here is a backrooms game that i made the map took ages to but im happy to show you my game that i made

also i had took some inspiration on a bunch of other games if you know it then you know it:D


oh also i forgot to say you can use the left and right buttons left is to shoot and i think i remember press right left button 5 times enjoy!

also i got a question how can we make the lantern effects it will help a lot if somebody tells me how or show me a example on how to make that kind of effect cause if you look at the game. I made a running scene where its suppose to be dark and hard to complete and if you say its impossible i will say this it is possible but it will take a lot of will power to complete

sorry for the messy code

Look up further in this thread. There is the lantern demo by @AqeeAqee. You can use that to show you how to use the lantern effect.

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i tried already but it did not give me the same effects but i cannot wait till somebody make it in block form so i could understand it alot better

Hi, thanks for great extension
I could’t stand those jittering inside blitRow and tried to fix that
My solution is to break blitRow in two separate rows, one from horizon line up, one down
Right now its inside .ts, when it would be implemented in core arcade (.cpp) there should be no performance difference


Hi @MrFranko !

Thanks for your efforts! That looks much better, and it is what I want too.
Have you tried on device, how perfermence it runs?

Could you add some ground tiles for the ground if you can

Is there any possible way to break down how you made the lantern I tried using JavaScript but my braindead mind could not comprehend 90% of the code all I’m just asking is can anybody please break down the script for me or you can show me in block form thanks!

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A student of mine built a game off of this, and we’re trying to download it as a .elf file. Unfortunately, it keeps saying, “The Hex file is not available. Please connect to the internet.” I can assure you, we’re connect to the internet :slight_smile:

Any idea what may be going wrong? Link to game is: https://arcade.makecode.com/S86561-30939-69458-07956

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Just in case anybody else comes here and sees this, I think I got it figured it out. Turns out it had nothing to do with the Raycasting extension. It was actually the “Mouse” extension (that wasn’t even being used in the game). Once I removed that, it was able to be downloaded.

I am a student myself in 8th grade but I can assure you that its either makecode arcade or something but currently I’m dealing with the same issue so at least ur not alone